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Paul Sylvestre
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Hillsborough North Carolina Technical Trainer - Time Warner Cable Married 2
Let's see, 2007 - 1977. OK, so you say it's been 30 years, I still say it's only been 3 decades.
Let's see, after Em Vee Hi, I bummed around a while, trying to find a good spot to land in. After I met Monica (My wife now for 26 years) she helped me decide that a career was probably better than the alternative. I got a 2 year stamp from Turnpike Tech (NVCC - GO FIGHTING and ended up at the local cable company as an underpaid grunt.
25 years later I'm still in the Cable business as a trainer and technician, now working in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  
Our twins; Erik and Nicole were born in 1985 and are now both in North Carolina colleges - Erik at ECU and Nicole getting ready to graduate with honors from Appalachian State. I never understood why they turned down my legacy at NoVaCoCo, but what can you do, kids got their own minds. As empty nesters, Monica and I are getting out more and doing some travel that we can afford after both tuitions are paid!
Oh yeah, after all this time I'm back in school too! After working to rot your children's minds for the last 2 and a half decades, I'm working towards an education degree with the ultimate goal of teaching High School History and Social Studies. Now if I can only find a civil war outfit in 2XL
Thanks to Kevin and Lisa, and we'll see you in Alexandria!
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Mark Thomas
Naples Florida Electrical Inspector / Plans Review - Collier County Married 2
Nice to see so many old friends are doing well. My wife Doreen and I have been married for 27 years and have two great kids. Mike -24, graduated from Christopher Newport University , lives in Virginia and Lauren -22, attended Baylor University, lives in Arkansas. We are enjoying living in Naples (sunny and warm especially winter) as well as frequent visits to a 2nd home in the Georgia mountains. Thank you, Lisa and Kevin for all your work.
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Rebecca (Becki) Brittain (Townsend)
Woodbridge VA Admin Assist Single 2

Wow....30 years.  Thanks Lisa & Kevin. The website Rocks.  Still living in NO VA(Woodbridge) My two daughters are grown 30 & 23.  I have a four year old grand daughter and she is my heart, my soul, my everything.  Seems like everyone is doing pretty good.  Won't be at the reunioun but I am sure you will all have a blast.  Take lots of pictures.

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Chris Garrett (Tunbridge)
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Dallas Texas Admin/Data Analyst Divorced 1
Hello everyone.  I won't be able to make it to the reunion this year, but will look forward to the 40th! I moved to the Dallas area 6 years ago after living in Fredericksburg, Virginia for almost 20 years. I have one wonderful daughter who is serving in the Air Force and is currently in Augusta Georgia working in Intelligence. She has not blessed me with grandchildren yet, but I keep hoping! Most of you know my brothers and sister, and we are now scattered around the USA with my parents in Phoenix. (Married 50 yrs this year). Would love to hear from the "Debbie's" in Fredericksburg.  I miss you guys. Send Chris a MessageSend Chris a Message
Donald Van Slyke
Dale City Va. USMC retired/ Branch Manager Married 1

I just received the invitation, but will be unable to attent. Would like to here from some old freinds of mine, I have been way from Va. for 21 year, returned in 1998 after retiring from the Marine Corps, and now work for an Armored Car Company, I hope you all have a wonderful time in November,  best wishes. 

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Nadege Bray (Watson)
Montclair VA Married 3
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Frances Ruth West
Alexandria Va retail sales Single
Hi Friends!
It will indeed be wonderful to see all of you on the 2-3rd. Ronnie Weinrich, if you see this message pls. contact me.  Thats all or now.
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Michael Whitaker
Alexandria VA Library Aide/Admin. Asst. Committed Relationship
I really doubt if anyone I hung out with would go to the reunion, but if I hear from friends from high school, I might decide to check it out. I am still living here in the Mount Vernon area. Have been with my partner John for over 25 years. We are pretty much into gardening and taking care of our cats. Have been involved in Gay rights organizations on a volunteer basis. I cannot belieive its been 30 years. Any of my friends from high school remember always meeting at the flag poles at the school on Friday nights at 7:30 and you know where we went from there!! Would love to hear from my old friends. Send Michael a MessageSend Michael a Message
Erin Donahue (Williams)
Lorton VA Married 3
Look what I stumbled upon - who knew!  I've been "lost" since graduation!  Lets see...graduated from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Moved back to VA for a couple years before marrying Darryl WIlliams (Class of 1979).  We've been married for 23 years and have 3 kids.  Kendall 21 - UVA graduate, Zach 19 - Freshman @ VaTech and Nathan 16 a Sophmore at South County HS.  Darryl is in the Army so we have been on the go.  It's nice to finally be back in VA for a change.  Our boys both play Basketball (as did Darryl - MV State Championship Team '79) and have played many games at Mount Vernon gym!  Darryl of course loves showing off the Trophy Case outside the gym.  I don't know if anyone ever checks this site anymore - but it's worth a shot!
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Jim Williams
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Coronado California Manager Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar Married
We have moved back to Coronado, Ca. After living in Greenville, SC for the last 8 years.
I'm now a Manager of Flemings Prime Steak House and Wine Bar in the Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego. I did get to see Joe Heath, Darrin Hubbell, Jim Boinest, Glenn Sherman, and Jim McGuire before I headed west.
if any of you come west, look me up. Take care!!
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