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Alison Wood (Robinson)
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Gallatin TN teacher Married 2

Hello everyone! A big thank you goes out to Lisa and Kevin for planning the reunion. Kathy and I have been checking the Mt. Vernon web site over the past year for any news and here it is.


I married Steve Robinson, class of 76, about 20 years ago. We have two teenagers, Kendyll, as senior, and Kyle, a freshman. Aren’t teenagers fun? We’ve just buckled our seat belts and are hanging on for dear life.


Music has continued to be an important part of my life. I direct the youth choir and sing in the Chancel choir, as well as several ensemble groups at the First United Methodist Church of Gallatin. Steve has also continued with his music. He is currently writing with several song writers, hoping his songs will get in the right hands. Things are looking up.


Mike Rhode and Steve’s sister, Kathy, live in the Nashville area and we all get together at least four times a year. Of course we see Kathy more, as she married my cousin, Woodie. That makes our children double cousins and we’re not even from West Va. (No offense meant)


My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and came to live with us in 96. The disease finally took its toll and she passed in 05. While caring for her, I decided to go back to school and get my masters degree in special education. I am currently in my fifth year of teaching at the middle school level. Tennessee has a wonderful program for gifted students, which falls under special education. I have been blessed to be over this program at our school. Teaching these children brings me hope for the future. I try to be innovative and expose the students to a variety of plays and competitions. Everyday brings new challenges and insights. I love it!


We will not be able to make the reunion this year. The tenth and twentieth reunions were so much fun; I hate to miss out on seeing everyone this time. Please receive my regards and best wishes.


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Nina Rosse (Rosse-Sands)
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Reston VA Account Representative Married 2
Hi Everyone,
The RSVP lists me as "Christina", but I was known as "Nina".  
I haven't gone far -- I live in Reston with my husband, Randy, and 2 daughters who are 13 (Claire) and 11 (Carly).
 I have been working for the same political consulting firm since 1984, so I guess I must like it.  I have also taught various types of fitness classes since 1984 -- a big year for me I guess.  I teach bootcamp and spinning in my free time.  I like to ride my road bike as much as possible.
I don't have any "then" pictures, so I'm submitting a recent picture of Randy and me and of our girls.
I am very anxious to see lots of you again.  It will be nice hanging out with friends that are exactly my age -- I'm not too keen on the idea of turning 50 in two years.  
I started having kids late -- many of you are grandparents -- WOW!
I can't wait to see you all on the 3rd (can't make Friday)!
Best always,
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Christian Rowland
February 12, 1959 FL Divorced 2
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Bobbi Coligure (Roybal)
Portales NM Substitute Teacher/ENMU Student Married 3
Hi Everyone,

Hope you all have a great time at the reunion.  It's been a very long time.  I married a Navy man and traveled a lot since graduating from Mt. Vernon.  I have three very handsome sons, whose ages are, 21, 23 and 25.  I may soon have two beautiful daughter-in-laws too.  I was a housewife raising my sons for many years.  But, after we retired from the Navy and settled in New Mexico, I went back to school and have been studying early childhood education since.  I've worked as a substitute teacher for many years and currently work as a sub for the publuc schools here in Portales, as well as, for Head Start and Early Head Start.  I love it, and couldn't see myself not working with children.

I've stayed very close and in touch with Elaine Pietrovito (Marsh) since graduating.  We are as close as sister's can be without actually being related.  But, I was close with Lynda Brown too, until about a year after high school, when she was attending John's Hopkins University.  If any of you have any recent information concerning Lynda, I would appreciate an e-mail so I could re-connect with her. 

Well, ya'll have fun and think about all of us long lost majors that can't be there with you.

Sincerely,  Bobbi Coligure (Roybal)
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Debbie Seymour
Alexandria VA Single
Hi Everyone - I didn't move far - still live in Old Town Alexandria and still work in DC.  Am thrilled that we are having a reunion and can't wait to see everyone! Send Debbie a MessageSend Debbie a Message
Susan Sharon
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Charlottesville Virginia Medical Technologist Single
Hope everyone has a great time at the reunion. I won't be able to make it-will be in Aston, PA that weekend, participating in, of all things, a figure skating competition (I'm  having a second childhood). My now photo is one of myself and George Lewis, another of our classmates, taken in April this year. We claim that we don't look any different than we used to, our hair is just shorter. Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Glenn Sherman
Burke Virginia Retirement Services Product Management Married 3

Hi all--

First, many thanks to Lisa and Kevin for pulling all of this together.  I am enjoying reading about everyone's lives.  It will be fun to catch up with everyone at the reunion events.

I am married with three wonderful kids (2 girls and a boy).  After stints in two other cities, I am back in Northern Virginia (Burke).

I spent the first 10 years after high school having fun and working on my undergrad degree (late educational bloomer).  I moved to Richmond in 1986 to get into banking and attend grad school.  I met my lovely wife in Richmond and have many fond memories of the city.  SunTrust bought Crestar (my employer) in 1998 so I took advantage of an opportunity to run a 401(k) firm and relocated to St. Louis.  While in St. Louis I became a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan.  I also enjoyed the free beer provided during the Anheuser Busch brewery tours and the proximity of the casinos (ten minutes from my old house).  We moved to the DC area in 2004 (same year as Joe Gibbs) and seem to have finally integrated back into the busy DC community.  

My three kids are in the Lake Braddock school district.  Brittney graduated from high school this past spring, Jennifer is in ninth grade, and Kyle is in 6th grade.  It has been strange attending Lake Braddock athletic events and rooting for the "Bruins".  I will always first and foremost be a Major!  


See you in a couple of weeks

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Mary Lusker (Snow)
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Daytona Beach Florida Professor of Meteorology Married
Greetings All:
This is exciting! Looking forward to seeing you---and to a great party in Old Town!
Go Washington Mill, Walt Whitman (at Hayfield High), and, of course, Mount Vernon!  Thank you to Lisa and Kevin!
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Kathy Tuddie) Bradley (Stutts)
April 09, 1959 Fort Worth TX Certified Autotransfusion Specialist Single Again 2
Wow! I finally found this website.How terrific is this. I regret missing the reunion but had I known about it I would have been there for sure.  If for no other reason than to see if my fellow JV cheerleader gals are still as much fun.  I'm sure they are. And Lisa- you always had your finger on the pulse so no wonder the reunion was such a hit.  As for me, I'm living in Texas now after spending 14 years living in Europe. I have 2 beautiful children ( 18 years apart) one at a time is easier, and a handsome 5 year old grandson. Was married 17 years to an F-16 pilot but now I'm not.  As for work I have my own real estate acquisition and management company in addition to managing a retail store for Tuesday Morning Inc. Life is hecktic but life is good and even better now that I have a venue that makes it possible to rekindle friendships and share memories. Sorry but no photos of the past other than the one available in the year book and I promise to update this profile soon with a recient photo as soon a I finish unpacking and find my camera.  Anyway, it was fun going through the website and I look forward to catching up with so many of my classmates now that I have found a way to get in touch. Thanks to those who have made this possible and I look forward to hearing from my old friends. 
Just an update- Changed career fields, still in Texas and now on Facebook under Kathy Stutts att email.  Would love to hear from some of you.
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Mark Swanson
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Potomac Falls Network Administrator Married 2

Wow, I sure had a great time last weekend seeing all my classmates.  I realized glancing at the yearbook that there was no way I was going to be able to remember all 500+ graduates.  But after the Friday night warm up, it all came rushing back (plus swinging by Jaime's on the way over helped a little).  Didn' get a chance to talk with everyone, maybe next time.  Hope everyone stays safe till the next get together.

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