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Jeff Loughridge
Alexandria Va. Broadcast Engineer Married 3
30 Years, and I'd do it all over again the same way! My wife Susan and I have 3 girls; 13, and 11 year old twins. Even our 2 cats are female. I'm drowning in estrogen and threatening to get an apartment for occasional use. Click on the website link for a glimpse into our life the last few years.

After living in Richmond for 14 years, we moved back to the Mt. Vernon area in 2000. I'm Director of Engineering for the CBS Radio stations in DC (WPGC, WJFK, WLZL (99.1 El Zol), and WTGB (94.7 The Globe)), and couldn't imagine doing anything else. 

Thanks Lisa and Kevin for putting all of this together. It's a blast ro read eveyone's entries here, we've all come a long way since 1977, and I'm so looking forward to this weekend.
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Jennifer (Jenny) Marinacci
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carlisle pa student loan industry Single 2
After graduating, which I finally did (anyone else remember the summer school thing to get your diploma?) I did a few years of traveling, toured most of the Central American countries, lived in southern California for a year and half and Golden Colorado for a year to end up back in Va. Was married for 9 years and in 2000 moved to Pa. I have a 19 yr old son, Matthew who graduated from high school this year and a beautiful little girl, Zoe who is 7. She was my little surprise at 41! Life is  interesting isn't it? I have a lovely house in the borough of Carlisle, a sleepy little town, in  central Pa. and two horses, a full time job too. So my life is full! It was a huge transition moving from the D.C. area to central Pa but one thing is for sure I do not miss the traffic! I do miss the restaurants though, things are coming around, we finally got a Starbucks coffee!
Well I do look forward to catching up with childhood friends as Lisa put it, this could be a 40 year reunion for our elementary school friends...yikes!
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Elaine Pietrovito (Marsh)
Stafford VA Administrative Assistant Married 3
Happy "30" Years!

I currently work as the Administrative Assistant to the Commanding Officer of the Naval Health Clinic - Quantico.

Married now for 26 years living in Stafford, VA.

Have 3 beautiful daughters:  Jennifer (24), Rachel (15), and Caitlin (12).

Still friends with Bobbi Coligure (Roybal), Cathy Clark (Cogley), and Pam Wampler (Marsters).  

Enjoy the reunion, I will be unable to attend.
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Steve Marx
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Coupeville - Whidbey Island WA Assistant Director Public Works - Island County, WA Married 2
Will try to make it over for the event.  Year 13 on Whidbey Island and number 23 in Washington State.  My daughter Haley graduates HS this year and is heading to Washington State University.  Ethan is finishing the 8th grade and my wife is a manager of an Adult Day Care Center.  I'm in my 5th year working for the County in Public Works.  The recent landslide event on Whidbey was a few miles from our house and we are stil working the problem.   My Mom still lives in Old Towne and Kurt, Tony and Mike are in Northern Va.  Joe is living in Jacksonville, FL.  Hope to see you all in October.
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Duane Maxwell
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February 23, 1959 San Diego CA Entrepreneur Married 1
Update September 2014:

Still doing tech startups, now on my fifth, doing mobile apps (, though I still run the fourth ( as a lifestyle business after reacquiring and rebuilding it from the folks that ran it into the ground.  Had a brief stint with a company in the entertainment industry in the Los Angeles region, backed away as quickly as possible . Living in the Scripps Ranch neighborhood of San Diego.

My son Robert just started second grade and just joined Cub Scouts, so my wife is back working part time as an underwriter for commercial real estate.

Saw Mark Stoffel a while back when he was in town on business.

Hopefully, we'll do a 40th - I was there for the 10th and 20th, unfortunately couldn't make the last two.
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Lynn Rundgren (McDonald)
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McLean VA Divorced 1

Hello!  I've been at MITRE in McLean since 1982 - it's my second home and my rock - in various support positions amongst systems engineers.  I have a wonderful son, a senior at McLean HS (his principal up until this year was my neighbor from Cherry Valley Lane (Paul Wardinski '81)) (and Hi Elaine!!!).  This reunion site is phenomenal ... I was looking at other class sites and none can compare ... great job/great class.  My son and I will be visiting college campuses during the reunion ... have a great time everyone!

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Bruce McElhaney
Alexandria Virginia Computer Assistant with U.S. Army Signal Activity, Fort Belvoir, VA Single
I am looking forward to the reunion.   Thanks to all who are coordinating the event.   Bruce  Send Bruce a MessageSend Bruce a Message
Beverly Foster (McElroy)
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Mount Pleasant SC Married

It's been a  long time since high school, but a few good memories remain.  Had a great reunion with Dixie this past summer at her hotel in DC.  She still looks great and her hotel's location is within walking distance for National's baseball games.  If you want to be a tourist again the M is only 2 blocks away...great for my parents from Coronado, CA and my husband and I.  It was great to see the sites again, had a private tour of the Capitol, saw my Dad's favorite person Nancy Peolsi ha ha, the beautiful Basilica of the National Shrine (GO if you've never been!) and to have lunch at our favorite restaurant Old Ebbitts Grill...awesome!!  
Nothing can beat Charleston though...come see us, we're 2 minutes from the beach! 

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Lexie Miller
Alexandria VA Managing Director, AFIRE
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James Moore
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Goleta CA Architect Married 2
Enjoying life in Santa Barbara, California while having fun with my 3 and 4 year old children. Send James a MessageSend James a Message
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