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John Carruthers
San Clemente CA Business Owner Married 1
Been in California for a long time now.  Nothing like living on the ocean.  One son, who was an Army sniper and now a junior at University of Minnesota.

Great wife, Susan!
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Rich Catchpole
Corpus Christi TX Consultant Single Again
Sorry I missed the 30th...this is my new address.  I have moved twice in the last two years.  Please keep me informed of all events.
(Updated photo to follow)
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Lisa Tagg (Claydon)
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Arlington VA marketing company president/founder Divorced 1
Have 30 years really gone by?  Seems like yesterday that we were hanging in the media center...NOT!  My  15-year-old daughter Elizabeth is a sophomore at W-L HS in Arlington. I honestly don't know how our parents handled us in high school!  I guess they were clueless!  But, hey, those years prepared me to be a parent of a teen today.  Hope to see you in November...Kevin and I are planning a fabulous reunion! Send Lisa a MessageSend Lisa a Message
Cathy Clark (Cogley)
Warrenton Va Contract Specialist Married 1
Greetings from Warrenton, VA!!!

I am sorry that I will not be able to make our 30 Year Class Reunion.  Wow, I just can't believe that it has been 30 Years already.

I married my High School sweetheart, Jerry Cogley, Class of 76.  We have been married for 28 years now.  We were blessed with one teenage daughter, Heather, and she is a sophomore this year.  We have been in Warrenton, VA for 22 years.

Just a quick thanks to Lisa and Kevin for putting together the class reunion.  I have enjoyed reading the messages on the website.  This is a wonderful way to see how everyone is doing in their lives.
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Lee Colburn
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League City Texas Buisness Owner Married 3
Wow...30 years.  Thanks to the three individuals who drummed this up!!!

Married for the second time.  Three children; ages 26, 23 & 22.  The oldest & only daughter graduate from the Houston Art Institute & works for a local software firm.  The 23 year old son, just returned home from serving four years aboard the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan & is headed to AZ for college.  My 22 year old son, bless his heart, takes after his dad & is lost as last year easter egg...and God Bless Nancy for putting up with me for the past 16 years.

Life is good...looking forward to seeing everyone again.
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Erin Keller (Collins)
VA Married 1
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Brian Conlin
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Alexandria VA IBM - I/T Specialist Married 4
Hey all,
Still married to Dianna Blizzard '78 :-) We have four sons who are making us feel very old!  Matt (MV '04) is 21 and attends Ferrum College (yes, now a 4yr), Doug (MV '05) just turned 20 and is in his 3rd year at the Univ. of Tenn. Knoxville, Daniel (MV '08) is a senior and Tom (MV '13) is a 7th grader at Whitman.  Which reminds me that I need to save this for update later cuz we're late for back-to-school nite at Whitman!!!  Sheesh!
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Patrick Costello
Freelance writer Married 2
I've already spent more time filling out this form than I ever did in any class. I guess I've changed a bit...

Glad to see that so many of you are enjoying successful careers and seem to be happy. I am as well. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to share that happiness with you in November. I live in Europe and have two young children (a daughter, 10 and son, 5) and both are in school, so it just isn't practical .

Nevertheless, I sincerely hope that all of you have a great time and I wish you continued success in all that you do.
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Karen McKinney (Crawford)
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Lake Helen FL Married 2
Hey Ya'll  I was so glad to hear about this, and excited about coming.  But due to family issues it looks like I may not be able to attend.  But if things should change soon enough maybe I can register to be there.  If not, know that I will be thinking about you, and hoping some of  you will contact me via Classmates! Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Elizabeth Garrett (DeBiase)
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March 31, 1959 Alexandria VA Executive Assistant Married 1
Thanks to Lisa and Kevin for their hard work.  
While Mark and I will not be able to attend this reunion please know we are thinking of all of you and hope you have a fantastic time.  Our hearts are with you!  
We have such fond memories of our days at Mount Vernon and still own our home directly across the street from our school in Riverside Estates!  
After 10 years in Tokyo, we are currently serving a 3 year post in England.  
Have fun and we will see all of you again soon! 
(I can't believe I'm missing a good party!) 
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