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David Aikin
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Mechanicsville VA Software Developer & Customer Service at VDOT Divorced 1

Yes Classmates it's been 37 years since those days of high school and the trouble we got into walking those halls.. Now for most we have either gotten married or divorced and have kids that are now experiencing the challenges of middle school and high school. I have a 18 year old son named Peter who sometimes tries my patience but is a really great son. Looking forward to seeing some pretty smiles from the ladies and either gray hair or no hair for the gentlemen. Sorry could not come with a then picture at this time but maybe later.

See you in October 2013
David Aikin

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Debbie Blizzard (Anderson)
Fairfax Station VA Married 2
I can't believe it's been 30 years!!! After graduation, I stayed in the Northern Virginia area. Worked for the US government  as a computer programmer in a Research & Development Lab for a decade. I quit after my daughter was born, with intentions of eventually going back to work, but never did.  Currently enjoying life in Fairfax Station with husband, Dave and kids: Adam (18) and Stephanie (16). My son graduated from Lake Braddock last year and is attending George Mason University; my daughter's in 11th grade (at Lake Braddock). I've experienced so many deja vu moments this past year. It's funny how high school life hasn't really changed that much in 30 years.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the Saturday night event due to a prior commitment. But I will be at the game on Friday night. Thanks Lisa and Kevin for all your hard work putting this reunion together. You've done a great job.
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Melissa Boster (Anderson)
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Oakland MD Event Coordinator Married 3
October 11-12, 2013!!!  Multi Class Reunion!  Should be a blast!  Hope to see everyone there!
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Mary Beth Foltz (Arensberg)
Columbus Ohio Dietitian Married 2
Hello from Columbus, Ohio.  I won't be making the reunion, but a big thank you to those who are working hard to make it a sure success!  This website is a terrific idea, especially for some of us who won't be on hand for the big event.

I have spent most of my 30 years since graduation in Ohio, and work for the Abbott Nutrition Division of Abbott in Health Policy (a tie to my Washington roots).  My husband Brad and I have two wonderful children (11 and 8) who keep us busy with their involvement in music, sports, scouts, and foreign language (our oldest is learning Chinese).

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Pam Barry (Benson)
Fuquay Varina NC Software Engineer/Technical Writer Married
Gosh, it sure doesn't seem like 30 years has slipped by! I'm happily married to Paul. We're currently living in a small town south of Raleigh, NC. Before that, we lived in southern Florida. My winter clothes went out of style there. No kids. One sweet black cat named Jack. Employed with IBM. I wish I could join you guys at the reunion but I won't be able to - hopefully the next one! It sounds like fun! Send Pam a MessageSend Pam a Message
Barbara Boinest
Falls Church VA Certified Massage Therapist Divorced
I wouldn't miss this for the world!  The 20th reunion was great and I'm sure this one will equal and top that!    I'm hoping Mark Thomas resurrects his green van with the white stripe and arrives in style and that Joe Heath shows up so I can finally get even with him for tipping my desk over  (with me in it) in Spanish class all those years ago.  Thought I forgot, didn't you Jose?  Hardly......!
Unfortunately, I'm not too computer savy so I can't upload any photos but I was told at my 25 year college reunion that I look "the same" so my guess is that you'll be able to pick me out...unless I'm disguised so I can get back at Joe...I wonder if the hotel will still have a pool open...?
Seriously, after careers in restaurant and sales I got into massage therapy and opened my own practice 10 years ago.  I work primarily on endurance athletes (marathoners, triathletes) and chronic pain clients.  Having entered the triathlon realm myself , it seemed like the perfect fit.
Currently I've got my eye on competing in a 1/2 Ironman in Delaware Sept '08(Diamondman).  If I can just get over needing to take a nap after every workout I just might be able to get the training in....
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Jim Bona
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Mount Vernon Va Intelligence Office Married 2

First Thanks Lisa and Kevin for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

Damn… 30 years unreal… while by sore aching body says yes it’s been that long my mind say’s no way.

After graduation (like the next day) my little brother David class of 76 was killed, so I stayed in the area for mental support for my parents.

I later joined the Navy were I spent 12 years and never went to sea a single day. I was selected to play Rugby for the combine services team and tour England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France playing the sport I loved. Seven knee operations and two shoulder surgeries later I retired from the game. I then had to pretend to be in the navy where I ended up being an acoustican studying and analyzing underwater sounds.

I got out of the Navy in 1986 and started working as in Intelligence Officer for one of our intelligence agencies where I continue to be employed.

I just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary in September with my wife Andrea from Ashland Va.

We have two children both graduated from college this past year. My Son Nick Graduated from University of Tennessee and works as a news producer for the CBS affiliate in Knoxville, Tn.

My daughter Lindsey graduated from Thiel College in western Pennsylvania, where she works as in retail at Macy’s.

We are empty nesters, with two dogs and two cats.



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Jeb Boyce
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Centreville Virginia Business Development Married 2
I knew there was a reason we picked Steve Marx as sexist in our class. Looks like he's fighting hard to maintain his title.

Hope everyone is well, I'm married and have two daughters (Jordan 11and Madison 8). Still living in Northern Virginia and living the rat race that is the Washington metro area. Both girls are in travel soccer and that keeps my wife and I very busy. 

I went to the University of Florida after MV with Norman Litwack, who I haven't seen since but hear he's enjoying life in Atlanta, and had a great time. Came back to the Northern Virgina area and have worked for a number of companies, Unisys, KBR, and I'm currently doing proposal & business development work for a company (BE&K Government Group) that performs design-build construction services on military bases around the country but primarily in the Southeast.

Hope to see folks at the football game & party.
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Debbie Glasby (Brown)
FREDERICKSBURG VA Insurance Agent Married 2
WOW!!! 30 years, can't believe it. Haven't traveled to far from the homestead. Currently live in Fredericksburg, VA. I've been in the insurance industry for the past 29 years. I have two great daughters, Lisa (29) and Kari (27) and a wonderful grandson David (7). Remarried and hubby and I are building a new house in Lake Anna. So far, but yet, still close to family and friends. Excited about the reunion. Send Debbie a MessageSend Debbie a Message
Bill Bryan
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Warrenton VA Purchasing & Contracts Manager Married 4

Hello from Warrenton, VA!  We've been out here for almost 19 years.  Hard to imagine, being an Air Force brat.  Susan (my wife) celebrated our 22nd anniversary this past August.  Our oldest, Nathan, is a 2nd year engineering student at V-tech, and our daughters (Caitlin, Lauren, and Mallory) range from 10th to the 3rd grades.  Mallory, our 3rd grader, is 3-months post-chemo for Ewing sarcoma.  We are so very THANKFUL to the Lord for His strength and grace over the past 15 months.  Looking forward to renewing acquaintances and friendships in November.

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